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When calling my name 3 times into a mirror at midnight doesn't work, here are some of the places you can find me!

Direct contact/messaging

These are the best ways to contact me directly, straight to the source! Direct messaging via Instagram is also a good way to get ahold of me quickly.

BUSINESS E-MAIL: itsmeluwalker@gmail.com

DISCORD: Proxibius#0208

Art pages

These are places made for viewing my art easily. My usernames tend to vary, not only because some of these accounts were made when I was young and went by different aliases, but also because I feel each website offers a different experience of my work. Also I do just like coming up with new usernames sometimes.

YOUTUBE: Death By Proxy

INSTAGRAM: CarnivalCarnivore

DEVIANTART: SilverGriffinflare


Social medias

In order of what I am most to least active on. Some mostly feature my art, some barely feature it at all.

INSTAGRAM: CarnivalCarnivore

TWITTER: ErmehgerdProxy

TUMBLR: LetzGetSilly

REDDIT: u/ErmehgerdProxy