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The tough, no-nonsense antivirus officer Wallace must team up with an eccentric and bubbly virus in order to save the PC they live on!


Officer Wallace and the other Antivirus officers are great at their job. As the admin of their PC is a a naive teenage boy, they often end up having to clean up after he curiously clicks around mallicious links. The hard drive couldn't be a safer place to live! That is, until SHE showed up...

One morning, the admin decides to download a movie from a dodgy website, but halfway through the download his parents whisk him away on a surprise road trip! With no time to turn off his computer, the movie finishes downloading, along with an unexpected attachment. NIMDA is an incredibly friendly, if a little clingy, trojan virus. After being caught by Officer Wallace, she is held in quarantine, as even the antivirus needs admin permission to delete files. While locked up in jail, NIMDA becomes increasingly lonely and desperate for attention...

To everyone's surprise, NIMDA somehow manages to activate her payload, and opens up a backdoor allowing hundreds more viruses in! Now, officer Wallace has to reluctantly team up with NIMDA in order to fix this mess!


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Click here to download a PDF of a script segment I wrote for NIMDA's interrogation scene!


A short series of storyboards of the scene where officer Wallace and NIMDA meet Colorbug for the first time!