I was lead up the tower by two council members, wearing masks and tough leather clothing. I wasn't offered the same protections, my outfit was nothing more than a thin cloth shirt. My duty for today was to feed Filo. Looking down at the large platter of food I was carrying, none of it looked particularly appetising. It was all legs and arms and wings and guts an skin, all from different sources. I almost vomited when I noticed that one of the wings in the mix was that of a ravel, the same species as Filo. Is this really what the council feeds a god? Does Filo just eat anything? Would Filo eat ME?

The closer I got to the top of the tower, the more every part of my body seemed to reject it. It was like my blood was pushing against me, making it harder to move forward. My heart rate quickened to an impossible pace and I began hyperventilating. I tried desperately to keep my breathing under control. I couldn't let Filo know I was weak.


I was about to be killed by the god of Psylisium, the very district I had called home.

How ironic.