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Here are some illustrations I've done, both for clients and for personal work!

If any of the illustrations fail to load, refresh the page! They are stored full-size so you can see them in detail by right-clicking and selecting "open image in new tab"

Commercial work

Personal work

Concepts for The Funhouse, an entertainment centre where visitors who spend too long transform into strange cartoon creatures

Concepts for Mortal Gods and Sacred Lies/Mortal Gods and the World Inbetween, where a young werewolf explores the land of the gods.

Concepts for The Addisons, a fake 'lost media' animated sitcom based on the game Deltarune

Concepts for Murder of Crows, a gothic fantasy drama about a very unfortiunate victorian family

Hundekopf Hospital


Concepts for Inside, a short film about a date going horribly wrong